Blending Bull

How does Blending Bull help

Blending Bull can download multiple input XML data feeds and combine them into a single output XML. It downloads files automatically and regularly. It creates one output file from them, which can be further processed. For example in Mergado.

Where does Blending Bull help

The application is very suitable for online stores, where the retailer imports data from multiple suppliers, and his shop system can import data only from a single feed. Or if he wants to process the data in Mergado before importing it into the shop system. This usage is powerful because it can be used in combination with other apps from the Mergado Store - e. g. for pricing or image analysis and tuning. Quality data is then imported into the online store.

Thanks to the generality of Blending Bull, there is much more of a use. The application can combine any XML feeds, including e. g. RSS feeds. Its setup is simple, so you can do it yourself in the administration without the need to cooperate with an administrator.

How does Blending Bull work

  • The user enters the URL of input feeds in the administration.
  • User defines output XML feeds:
  • feed header
  • what input feeds are to be inserted into it
  • footer of the feed
  • Blending Bull works at the file level. It DOES NOT import products into the database. The user tells him which part of the XML file to "cut" at the beginning and end and insert the rest into the output XML feed.
  • Blending Bull downloads input XML feeds automatically. If the inputs change, it regenerates the output XML feed. If the input data does not change, it leaves the output XML feed as it is.
  • Blending Bull tries to optimize server access with input feeds. For example, if one wholesaler provides an XML feed to ten retailers and they use Blending Bull, the application downloads the input XML feed once and then provides it for processing by all. It DOES NOT download it ten times.

Who is Blending Bull for

  • For those who import XML feeds into the online store more suppliers.
  • For marketing professionals who build smart solutions fon XML (or RSS) feeds.

Why use Blending Bull

  • Easy setup.
  • No need for administrator intervention. The processing of a new XML feed is set by the user himself.
  • The output XML feed can be further processed in Mergado.
  • Options to connect with other Mergado Store applications. E. g. for pricing or image analysis and tuning and the like.
  • Wide use. Data can be processed both for importing data about goods and, for example, for affiliate marketing or others.

App rights

In order to work properly, the Blending Bull app needs the following rights:

  • Reading user's data

To activate this app it is first necessary log in.