Heureka Watchdog

Trial period starts from the very first time you enable the app and is available only once.

Heureka Watchdog allows you to see the depth of advertising on Heureka like no other. Also, it offers tools to solve specific mistakes with a few clicks.

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What Heureka Watchdog does

  • Lists unpaired products and offers a pairing tool.
  • Lists items that are isolated in product cards and offers a tool to pair them to other cards.
  • Lists low-quality category names and allows their adjustment to categories according to Heureka.
  • Highlights items that have too low positions.
  • Checks your bids for clicksto see if they violate any of the applicable rules.
  • It monitors deeper dependencies in advertising and administration settings, , e. g. whether the online store has a Verified by Customers certificate, a functional PPC mode of advertising, inquiries from counseling centers, and much more.

Why use Heureka Watchdog

  • It analyzes the advertising of your online store in detail.
  • Offers troubleshooting tools in a few clicks.
  • Checks both product items and store settings in the administration of Heureka.
  • It will save you a lot of work.

The condition for using the Heureka Watchdog application Verified by Customers certificate issued by Heureka.

Turn on the Heureka Watchdog for 10 days for free and then for only 7 EUR per month. It will pay off for you!


  • Heureka Watchdog
  • Heureka Watchdog
  • Heureka Watchdog

For projects

  • Heureka.cz - product feed [CZ]
  • Heureka.sk - product feed [SK]

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