Monitoring Horn

Monitoring Horn app is considered as deprecated and is no longer in active development.

How it will help you

The Monitoring Horn app protects you from losses caused by outages of the website, data sources, or advertising space. It automatically checks the availability of elements on your website or the webs of your advertising partners.

Why use Monitoring Horn

  • Discover if and when your site crashes.
  • Prevent sending paid and unpaid traffic to a non-functional site.
  • You will see the real display of advertising space that you pay for.
  • Verify the availability of data sources for your customers.

How does it work

  1. You set up monitoring at which URL the application should check the selected element. It can be a text or a part of HTML code (for example, the URL of a backlink to you).
  2. The application automatically checks the availability of the element at the URL.
  3. If the monitored element is not loaded at the specified URL, you will receive a notification e-mail informing you that an outage has occurred.
  4. If an outage ends, you will receive another e-mail with this information.

Examples of use

  • Do you suspect that your site may not be available from time to time? Monitoring Horn checks it for loading every X minutes. If it fails, it will send you a notification about the unavailability of the site. Once the site reloads, you will receive another message with this information.
  • For example, you buy a banner for three months on a third-party website, and you want to be sure it is displayed for the entire period you pay for. You set up a banner's monitoring. In case it's not being displayed, you will receive a notification.
  • You publish a guest post on an online magazine, or you buy an article with a link to you. By setting up link monitoring, you can be sure that it is still there. If it disappears, you will automatically receive a notification, and you can arrange a solution.
  • You need to ensure the availability of an XML file with the vendor's price list. The application will help you monitor its availability or whether it is filled with content. It will send you a notification in case of a problem.

App rights

In order to work properly, the Monitoring Horn app needs the following rights:

  • Reading of user's online stores
  • Reading user's data

To activate this app it is first necessary log in.

How Monitoring Horn works

The application regularly checks the availability of URLs or parts of texts on web pages.

How to create a new monitor

  • Click the Add Rule button.
  • Fill in the information:
    • Name: used for your orientation. It usually says what the monitor is checking. E.g. Availability of the order form URL, link in the article, etc.
    • URL: The URL where the monitored content is located. E.g. -XYZ-brand.
    • Select an action: select what the monitor should do.
      • The page availability test tells you if the page URL is available.
      • The existence of text on the page checks whether any text or link is displayed on the page (it can be used, for example, to check the link of the purchased banner).
      • The absence of text on the page checks whether the text you entered is not on the page (eg to check whether the webmaster has already incorporated your complaint).
    • Text: enter the text or URL of the link on the watched page which existence / non-existence has to be checked.
    • Email notification: set after how many errors you should be notified by e-mail. In the second part, you set up an e-mail to which you should receive a notification of a failure or return to state in accordance to the rule.
    • Time interval: Specifies in what time interval the monitoring will check the set monitor. E.g. every 10 minutes, every hour, every day.
  • Click Add to save the settings.



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