Feed Image Editor


Feed Image Editor is an app for improving product pictures of the e-shop. Allows you to add stickers, colored frames, stripes, dots or texts to your pictures. You can use prepared graphic templates or upload you own. Just imagine it - your logos, product details or popular ad figures now can easily be part of your advertising on Facebook and Instagram!

Additionaly, you do not spend forever on editing images - the app allows you to add text and graphic elements in bulk to the selections created in the Mergado as usual. Image settings will also appear on newly added products, so you'll save time.

Combined with other Mergado apps, such as Data Owl, Feed Image Editor can be even more powerfull. With your ad performance information you can easily add special text or image to those products that perform best or worst, are new in your e-shop or you sell them out.

Feed Image Editor is therefore an ideal tool for improving product images for product ads on Facebook and Instagram, where it helps increase ad clicks. You can use it elsewhere.

How Feed Image Editor Works

Supported output formats

  • 600 x 600 px
  • 1080 x 1080 px
  • 1200 x 628 px
  • Custom dimension

How Feed Image Editor will help you

  • Allows graphics to be added to images.
  • Embed your own logo and other graphic elements that are unique to you.
  • Add text to pictures.
  • Increase the clickthrough rate for Facebook Product Ads.

Why use the Feed Image Editor

  • Helps increase clicks from your product ads on Facebook (Dynamic Products Ads).
  • Very reasonable price, compared to the benefit.
  • Setting is easy
  • Integration into Mergado, you can use already created selections of goods.

The application price is set for one export, and the total invoiced amount depends on the number of turns.

This application isn't supported in your currency. GBP (£)


The higher the template, the higher the priority (overwrites the templates below).

Highest priority = 1.

The new template ranks last (with the lowest priority).

Templates can be drag & drop to change position / priority.


The Feed Image Editor will only apply a template that is in the list of templates at the top of the product selection drawings. Templates are not stacked on each other. The graphics from different templates will not overlap.

More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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