Pricing Monitor

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Wrong prices deprive you of profit every day. They can be too high, directing customers to your competition or, conversely, too low and run out your margin. Uncover them. The Pricing Monitor application will show you incorrect prices and will monitor them carefully.

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How Pricing Monitor will help you

  • Highlights too expensive products.
  • Highlights the products which price you can increase while maintaining attractiveness for the customer.
  • Lists items where you could be the cheapest
  • Online stores that have Mergado Analytic XML deployed will also draw attention to goods that they sell below the purchase price or with too low margin.

Why try Pricing Monitor

  • Processes current results daily.
  • It emphasizes prices attractive to customers, not the lowest ones.
  • It takes into account the reasonable sales margin of a store and its profit.

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  • Pricing Monitor
  • Pricing Monitor
  • Pricing Monitor

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