Seznam Index Checker

Stay up to date with the status of indexed pages at Seznam! Using connection with Seznam Reporter, Seznam Index Checker app will check if your feed URL addresses are correctly indexed. It can also tell you how many addresses are in the Seznam index and how many are missing. App will then by itself send a request for indexing where needed.

Seznam Index Checker uses API to connect to Seznam Webmaster. This way you are able to see data you wouldn't find in Reporter itself.

How can Seznam Index Checker help you?

  • It provides current status of website index level with a chart report.
  • It sends non-indexed URL addresses for indexing, hence increases website index level.
  • It lists errors recorded by Seznam bot.

Why to try Seznam Index Checker?

  • It works by itself, saving you time.
  • It increases a probability of your website to be found.
  • It notifies about website errors.

App rights

In order to work properly, the Seznam Index Checker app needs the following rights:

  • Reading user's data
  • Reading exports in online store
  • Reading data from online store
  • Sending messages for online store
  • Reading export data
  • Reading export products

To activate this app it is first neccessary log in.


Skvělý nástroj na indexaci stránek na Seznamu. Skvělý pomocník jako 404 checker. Jsem zvědav, co ještě vyjde z dílny nástrojů Ondřeje Chvojky.


Perfektní, funguje spolehlivě. Ještě kdyby tak uměla import URL adres definici různých feedů :-)