URL Checker


URL Checker checks URL addresses of all of your products for functionality, such as redirects or 404s. Redirects may result in a loss of information about what channel the user came from. And advertising products with broken URL addresses brings you only unnecessary costs and a bad reputation. URL Checker also detects when a page did not load within a certain time limit. In case of a larger number of URLs with errors, you are informed by notification in Mergado.

During one audit, all addresses that are in each store's project are being checked. An audit is run every 24 hours. In ideal conditions, the app can check up to 43,200 URLs per day for each store.

Requests are sent approximately every two seconds. The app does not affect your data in Google Analytics.

What URL Checker does

  • It saves you time from manually finding and correcting broken URL addresses.
  • It gives you feedback on how quickly your store responds to customer clicks.
  • It detects 404 pages and allows you to perform various operations with them.
  • It exports an error list to a CSV file.
  • It temporarily hides incorrect addresses.

Why you should use URL Checker

  • For a fixed price, the app checks all your exports.
  • Audit is performed every 24 hours.
  • During one audit, all addresses in each store's exports are checked one by one.


App rights

In order to work properly, the URL Checker app needs the following rights:

  • Reading user's data
  • Sending messages to users
  • Reading projects in online store
  • Reading project data
  • Reading export data
  • Reading of elements
  • Editing of elements
  • Reading of queries
  • Editing of queries
  • Reading of rules
  • Editing of rules
  • Reading project products


To activate this app it is first necessary log in.

After you enable the URL Checker app in Mergado Store, an audit of all URLs in your exports is automatically started. If you have any issue with the app please contact Mergado support.



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