Bidding Fox Elements


Boost the performance of your campaigns with dozens of new attributes from the Bidding Fox Elements app. It works with statistic data from various sources and creates new attributes in your product feed. This improves your campaigns’ settings as well as performance. You can use Bidding Fox Elements not only for comparison shopping services but for PPC campaigns as well. The app will provide data for 1, 7 and 30 days. This gives you a good overview of how your campaigns stand and you can choose which period is important for you.

Give Bidding Fox Elements a try. Activate it in Mergado Store to get a 15-day free trial!

What you get with Bidding Fox Elements

  • Lower costs and higher revenues.
  • Better overview of your products’ popularity.
  • More accurate targeting of your campaigns, thanks to new data.
  • It detects popular/unpopular products.
  • It helps to uncover errors in settings.
  • Data can be used in other apps as well.

Why use Bidding Fox Elements

  • Your campaigns will have a more accurate targetting.
  • Consequently, the costs will go down.
  • You will use the acquired statistic data to the fullest.
  • You are able to create new attributes in Mergado.
  • A 15-day free trial.

What data does Bidding Fox Elements work with?

  • Heureka statictic XML (CZ and SK only)
  • Heureka Assortment report (CZ and SK only)
  • Current weather forecast (CZ and SK only)
  • Google Analytics
  • Product information
  • Date and time

How Bidding Fox Elements works

Activate the app in Mergado Store and select which attributes you wish to create. You will then be able to works with them in Mergado, create product queries using these new attributes, add gifts, set higher bidding according to a given date or current weather and many more.

For exports

  • ⭐ All formats

App rights

In order to work properly, the Bidding Fox Elements app needs the following rights:

  • Reading user's data
  • Sending messages to users
  • Reading exports in online store
  • Reading data from online store
  • Reading online store's statistics
  • Reading online store's statistics sources
  • Reading online store's Google Analytics
  • Sending messages for online store
  • Reading export data
  • Editing export data
  • Reading of elements
  • Editing of elements
  • Reading of queries
  • Reading of rules
  • Editing of rules
  • Reading Google Analytics export
  • Reading export products
  • Reading export statistics
  • Reading the history of export processing
  • Launching new export processing
  • Reading export history

To activate this app it is first neccessary log in.

How to get started?

In the app select the new attributes that you want to use for queries and save. After the next application of the rules, the attributes are created and filled with data. The app runs in the background and the data filling usually takes longer than the rules application itself. So please be patient.

The new attributes are still empty, how come?

New values may take up to 24 hours to get filled into the input feed. It depends on the readiness of the statistic data in Mergado. Bidding Fox Elements checks the status every hour so it usually takes less than 24 hours.

On the “Products” page, the new attributes are not visible as they are hidden on the output (to not be sent outside Mergado). You can preview them by clicking “Elements including hidden elements”.

How can I check the values of the new attributes?

You can preview the values on the “Elements” page by clicking the attribute name or the “List values” icon on the right. Values for previous day contain a “_1” suffix. Values for the previous 7 and 30 days contain “_7” and “_30” suffix respectively.

Data sources

Heureka (CZ and SK only) Data for Heureka is downloaded from the Assortment report and the conversion tracking statistics.

Google Analytics Data from Google Analytics are downloaded for a given campaign source for which you have enabled the Bidding Fox Elements app.

Pairing of data with products

Data from different sources are paired with products based on the same ITEM_ID throughout exports.

For correct GA data pairing, the product URL address in the product feed needs to match with the address of the target page in GA. Bidding Fox Elements can handle the UTM parameters.


Data is listed in the YYYY-MM-DD HH:SS format, e.g. 26. 12. 2017 (or 12/26/2017) 11 pm would look like 2017-12-26 23:00:00.

A number of days since the last change of a product in the XML feed - information about when the product appeared in a feed for the first time. If it was added on 24.7. (4/27) and today is 25.4. (4/25), the value of the P_DAYS_IN_FEED attribute should be 1. This attribute does not work with hours but days only.

For the “in category” type of attributes (P_PRODUCTS_IN_CATEGORY, P_CATEGORY_MIN_PRICE, P_CATEGORY_MAX_PRICE) the app uses data from these attributes:

  • g:product_type
  • g:google_product_category

If your feed does not contain any of these attributes the app won’t write anything into the new attributes. If your feed contains a different category attribute (e.g. CATEGORY), create a new attribute with one of the above (CATEGORYTEXT) attribute names and fill it with a value from your attribute using the “Overwrite” rule.

Date and time

D_DAY_OF_WEEK - Day of week, the values of this attribute are 1 - 7, where 1 = Monday and 7 = Sunday.

D_CURRENT_DATE - Current date, attribute changes value after the first current day processing. The date format is YYYY-MM-DD.

D_EXECUTE_HOUR - Processing time, value equals the hour of the processing of a product by the app during rules application. Contains values from 0 to 23.


The forecast data is downloaded from and is updated every hour. This update does not depend on the application of the rules.

Current temperature - temperature in degrees Celsius (°C). For 16.5 °C the attribute value is 16.5.

Current weather - word description of the current forecast, e.g. light rain.

Current weather code - this attribute contains a code of the current weather. For example, the code for light rain is 500.

The list of the weather codes can be found here:

How is the 7 and 30-day data calculated?

Data is calculated as a simple average of the one-day statistics. The conversion data from Heureka (CZ and SK only) may not correspond exactly to the data in Heureka administration.

What happens if the statistics are not available?

Anything may happen and the statistic data may not download. In such case, the app won’t include this day into the 7 and 30-day data so that the statistics are not distorted.

Current weather and application time depend on the time Mergado applies rules. If Mergado applies rules to part of the products only, the attribute values are updated only for these products.


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