Clicking Goat

How Clicking Goat helps

The application can write valuable data to your MERGADO Editor export. It was the first to support the PPC advertising system Sklik. From it, the app can get the average search rate or average cost per click and write this information into an element in the export.

How Clicking Goat works

  1. The user sets up a data source in Clicking Goat – the application currently focuses on supporting the Sklik PPC system from the search engine.
  2. He then creates elements that draw data from this data source. In the case of Sklik, these are two elements that contain the average cost per click (CPC) and the average keyword search rate for the last two months.
  3. When creating an element, the user selects the element from the export where the data is to be taken from and the element where the output is to be written to.
  4. Clicking Goat is activated when the export is re-generated in the MERGADO Editor. It usually needs two regenerations - the first one reads the data, and the second one writes it to the export. Given the nature of the data, this is fine.

Who is the app for

PPC specialists will use the data to prepare PPC campaigns for Sklik and Google Ads. SEM or SEO experts can use the data for keyword or product analysis.

Why use Clicking Goat

  • You can use data from Sklik.
  • You can link the data to MERGADO Editor exports and combine it with different tools. The usage is general, not tied to one specific tool.
  • Easy to use.
  • You set what data you want to draw and what you do with it.
  • Works immediately after switching it on. No need to contact the developer.

What Clicking Goat looks like

For projects

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App rights

In order to work properly, the Clicking Goat app needs the following rights:

  • Reading user's data
  • Reading export data
  • Editing project data
  • Reading of elements
  • Editing of elements
  • Reading of queries
  • Reading of rules
  • Editing of rules
  • Reading project products

To activate this app it is first necessary log in.

Privacy policy

Clicking Goat needs data to solve your needs. Here we explain what data Clicking Goat processes. In general, you can see all the data that Clicking Goat processes in the outputs from the Clicking Goat application.


From the MERGADO API, Clicking Goat needs basic information that is necessary for the authorization of the user who wants to work with the Clicking Goat administration. Furthermore, it takes data from elements that the user sets as an input element for obtaining data.

Google Search Console API

Clicking Goat needs data specified by the user. For example, information about the number of clicks from Google search, the number of impressions in Google search, pages displayed in Google search. All information is related to the user's website.


Clicking Goat downloads product information from user`s API account. For example, product name, image, text description. Data is downloaded according to the user's settings.


Clicking Goat downloads keyword search data and average CPC. For keywords specified by the user.

More information

  • Domains that Clicking Goat uses:
    • runs the core application on this domain. The user will probably not come into contact with it or only rarely. This is because the application is available in the MERGADO administration environment.
    • is the default page of the application in the MERGADO Store. Here you will find information about the application, the option to disable or deactivate the application.

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