Blending Bull

How does Blending Bull help

The application helps users to edit data feeds in XML, CSV, or other text formats. Provides powerful rules for editing feeds or merging multiple data sources into a single output file. You can then process it both in Mergado and by third-party applications.

Function Overview

  • Data editing rules allow you to edit the contents of a file with the Find and replace rule. Both in the form of text and with the help of regular expressions. With this, you can edit element values, create new elements, delete elements, convert XML to CSV, or vice versa.
  • Other types of rules can add text to the beginning or end of the data feed. It is suitable for defining your closing elements in XML and, for example, for adding a header to the CSV.
  • Combining multiple data sources into one output file. The beginnings and ends of data sources file contents can be deleted, which is suitable, for example, for processing XML feeds.
  • Processing of one data source is also possible. It allows you to use powerful functions for editing its content.
  • Efficient use of servers providing data sources. For example, if a wholesaler provides an XML feed address to thirty customers. If they use Blending Bull, they download the file only once into the cache and only take user rules from it for processing. It reduces the load on the server providing the data.
  • Fast data processing - usually seconds or minutes - depending on the amount of data inside the file.
  • Short intervals between data processing - currently every approx. hour.
  • The file creation wizard helps you with the individual tasks.
  • Regular data updates. If the input data in the data source changes, it also changes in the output file.

Blending Bull vs. Mergado

When you start to use Blending Bull, you will realize what an online XML editor (or CSV editor, it can do both). Smart tools, such as Mergado, load data into a database. The Bull then builds powerful functions above them. E. g. APIs for applications, various queries, rules, format conversions, better resilience when loading data, etc. In contrast, Blending Bull works at the level of text characters. It does not try to understand what the text means. That's what makes it faster, and you can use it to edit things that smarter tools can't do, such as because they don't support a given data format feature.

What is Blending Bull for?

In practice, Blending Bull users use it to combine data feeds into one output file, which is processed by other applications. The Bull can unify the format of elements if XML files in different formats are combined. The second group of uses is the editing of data feeds. These are usually either simple needs where the smarter tool is overly robust or special requirements that the smarter tool does not support. You can also use the application, for example, to process data XML into CSV, which are then uploaded to Mergada by a data import rule.

Who is Blending Bull for?

For marketing specialists from online stores or agencies. More experienced users will appreciate its versatility and low level operation. Users with less experience will certainly manage their needs either intuitively or with the help of instructions.

App rights

In order to work properly, the Blending Bull app needs the following rights:

  • Reading of user's online stores
  • Reading user's data


To activate this app it is first necessary log in.

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