MERGADO Marketplaces

About application

MERGADO Marketplaces is used for easy connection with your Bussines account on Polish Allegro, creation of product offers and their automatic synchronization. MERGADO Marketplaces is currently a beta version of the app. We are planning to expand it by connecting to other marketplaces.

How the app will help you

  • Automatic design and creation of product offer from your XML feed.
  • Availability synchronization every 15 minutes.
  • Synchronization of bid status every 15 minutes.
  • Unlimited number of product offers.
  • Fast and easy connection to Allegro. You are not copying the secret key. All you have to do is log in to your Allegro business account and MERGADO at the same time.

Data connection

A data connection is anything from which we can download data via an API. We divide them into source and destination.

  • Source data connection - Source from where we download products that the e-shop sells. We support: MERGADO, We plan to support: Nothing yet
  • Target data connection - Target where we upload products, where they become offers. We support: Allegro, Plans: Alza, Mall...

App rights

In order to work properly, the MERGADO Marketplaces app needs the following rights:

  • Reading of user's online stores
  • Reading user's data
  • Reading projects in online store
  • Reading project data
  • Reading export data
  • Editing project data
  • Reading of elements
  • Editing of elements
  • Reading of queries
  • Editing of queries
  • Reading of rules
  • Editing of rules
  • Reading project products
  • Write to project products

To activate this app it is first necessary log in.

Important Notice

The application is under development and we reserve the right to change its documentation.

List of abbreviations

  • SDS - Source Datasource
  • TDS - Target Datasource


A data connection is an API connector that allows us to download data. We divide them into source and target.

  • Source Datasource Connection - The source from where we download the products that the online store sells. We support: MERGADO, We plan to support: Nothing yet
  • Target data connection - The destination where we upload the products where they become offers. We support: Allegro, We plan to support: Alza, Mall

App Setup - Campaign Creation

Campaign is the core element of the app, it tells us how to work with SDS and TDS. The first time you use the app, you first need to create a campaign.


The form is in the form of a wizard that contains the following steps:

1. General

Name - This serves as an informational identifier only. Fill in as you wish.


2. Source Data Connection Settings (MERGADO)

  • Project - select the project in MERGADO in which you have created queries.

  • Query - Selection of the products in which you have stored data to upload to TDS.

  • Element Mapping - To properly upload data to TDS we need to recognize the elements from SDS, so we need to pair the elements from XML to our elements. The required elements are EAN, PRICE, CURRENCY, PRODUCT_ID:

    • EAN - used to identify individual products in the target data link.

    • PRICE - indicates the price at which the client wants to sell in the target data link.

    • CURRENCY - the currency in which the price is given.

    • PRODUCT_ID - to synchronize with the availability feed, you need to have the same ID that is used to identify the product in the availability feed.


3. Insert availability XML feed

Insert the URL of your availability XML feed. We support Heureka, Mall. image

4. TDS Settings

Click on the authorization button with Allegro, in the next panel log in to your bussines account in Allegro and after confirmation in Allegro the ID and secret key, will be filled in automatically. image image image image

5. Confirmation of campaign creation

A summary of all the steps so far where you can make changes or confirm the creation of the campaign.

image image

Once the campaign is created, the products will start downloading from SDS, convert and upload to TDS. The offers you see in Products are the data we send to TDS. Products may not show up immediately. The speed at which products are uploaded depends on SDS. We regularly download the status of offers from TDS.


Campaign overview

  • For each campaign, we can see basic information on the left-hand side, such as the source of the data connection, the target of the data connection and the name of the campaign.
  • On the right-hand side, there are elements (buttons) for interacting with the campaign that direct you to specific agendas.


This agenda contains the same form you saw in the last step of the wizard, when you created the campaign.


This page contains a list of erroneous bids, which is why they could not be uploaded to TDS. In the right column, there is an option to redirect to "Offer Overview" or Redirect directly to MERGADO to select the products of the campaign.

Eror examples:

price_illegal_increase ean_product_doesnt_exists image


An overview of the actions you have performed, for example rewriting the value of an element in a menu.


Offers (Products)

  • This page is the most interesting of all the previous agendas.
  • The offers are here, instead of being in a table, in widgets.


  • Each offer contains the elements and their values that you upload to the TDS.
  • The offer can be hidden (eye icon), the hidden offer will not be updated in Allegro.
  • If you manually edit an element, that element becomes locked and will not be overwritten by the SDS feed.

Background tasks

  • Synchronization of availability feed:
    • Occurs every 15 minutes.
    • The availability feed is downloaded, the availability is sent to the TDS, and the stock update occurs.
  • Data feed synchronization:
    • Takes place after a re-generation or application of rules in MERGADO.
    • Data download from SDS occurs. In case there are changes in the data, for example, new product is added, product is dropped, etc., the changes are uploaded to TDS.
  • Synchronization of the status of the offers:
    • Takes place every 15 minutes, the displayed offers are downloaded from the TDS and updated in the MERGADO Marketplaces application.

How to work with the MERGADO Marketplaces application - video



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